We are able to help when Tech Happens...

Whether you need virus removal or complete hardware recovery, we are here to help, when you need us.
At Technix IT, we aim to provide quality service in high stress times.


Phone Consultation


Unsure of what you need? We consistently offer free phone consultations for all customers to discuss your technology needs and priorities.

Diagnostic Tuning


A diagnostic tune-up includes a full overview of the current state of your computer, best options for improved performance, and education on best practices for continued longevity.

Remote Service


Are you away on vacation, or in a hurry and need immediate service? We can work remotely on your computer, wherever you are, and with an hour's notice. NOTE: Remote services are not comprehensive.

I needed parental control settings configured for my daughter's computer and reached out to Technix IT. Not only did I receive superb service, but I was given education on how to change the settings as needed and how to maintain separate profiles on her computer. I'm always telling parents about my experience and it's nice to get discounts on future services! Win-win!

I've used Technix IT for all of my business needs for the past 4 years. I am confident that I have received superior services to those of other computer repair shops and definitely love in-home repair. Even being tech savvy, it's great to have a Technix IT on speed dial when things go wrong.